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Facing overdue property taxes and the threat of foreclosure can be overwhelming, but there is hope. Texas Overages is here to help. We understand the stress of potentially losing your property and offer specialized solutions to help you regain control and protect your investment. With our expertise, we're committed to helping property owners like you overcome these challenges.

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What is Texas Overages and how can they help me?

Recovering Excess Proceeds: "When a property goes to auction due to unpaid taxes, there can be excess proceeds that the county owes to the original owner. Texas Overages specializes in helping individuals recover these funds. Our team has extensive knowledge of county procedures and legal requirements, ensuring that you receive any owed excess proceeds swiftly and efficiently. We navigate the complexities so you don't have to, making sure you get back what is rightfully yours."

Zero Realtor Fee Property Sales: "Facing the risk of auction due to tax delinquency can be daunting, but Texas Overages offers a strategic solution. We assist property owners in selling their properties quickly, with the significant benefit of zero realtor fees. This approach not only helps in preventing the loss of your property at auction but also maximizes your financial return. Our streamlined process is designed to ensure a smooth, hassle-free sale, helping you move forward with peace of mind."

Reducing Back Taxes and Setting Up Payment Plans: "At Texas Overages, we understand that accumulating back taxes can be a heavy burden for property owners. Our expert team offers personalized assistance to negotiate with the county for a reduction in the amount owed. Additionally, we specialize in arranging manageable payment plans, tailored to your financial situation.

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"Texas Overages was a game-changer for me during a very difficult time. I was at risk of losing my family home due to unpaid property taxes. Their team not only helped me recover excess proceeds from the county but also provided invaluable advice and support throughout the process. I am so grateful for their expertise and highly recommend them to anyone facing similar property tax challenges." - Emily R., Houston, TX

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